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Project Update: PeaceHealth Vancouver Campus Emergency Department

The PeaceHealth Emergency Department addition and renovation project is well underway with the building addition’s mechanical systems almost 90% roughed-in. Alliant and the Turner team are working hard to keep the ED and surrounding hospital operational and accessible for the Vancouver campus. As with any addition and renovation on an active campus, the project has needed new solutions to overcome unique challenges. The team is currently constructing the new addition as the first phase of the project. Points of interest for the addition so far include:

Utilities without at CPU

The new addition will not pull utilities from a central utility plant (CPU), but from the neighboring Firstenburg Tower. This has created some interesting challenges for our team to determine the status and location of potential connection points to the older facility. Through the use of extensive site investigation and building modeling, the team will tie-in to Firsetnburg’s heating and chilled water utilities.

Installing the AHU with an Overhead Roof

Another interesting challenge was the delivery and installation of the 15-ton Scott Springfield air handling unit (AHU), as the roof was already constructed over the ‘penthouse’ where the unit was to be set. Alliant picked three 10,000 – 12,000 lb AHU’s onto the neighboring roof area, setting the equipment onto 30, two and a half inch cast iron rollers. The team then rolled the AHU on these rollers under the roofing and into place!

Once the new addition is complete, Alliant will be part of the renovation of the Existing ED. The new addition is expected to be complete in April of 2024, and the renovation's anticipated completion falls in April of 2026.


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