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First Annual Grade13 Event

Sponsored by Careers in Construction Southwest Washington

Alliant Systems employees attended the First Annual Grade13 Event on behalf of Smart Local 16 and the Sheet Metal Institute. This event is an initiative set forth by Careers in Construction - Southwest Washington and brings together 16 different CTE programs from all of the school districts in Clark County. The top three students from each CTE program met with local employers, tradespeople, and union representatives to help guide them into the next phase of life beyond high school. The students talked with Alliant and received appointments for future interviews, information about Smart Local 16 and UA 290 (depending on their interest) and information about immediate opportunities to enter the workforce.

It was such a immense pleasure to speak with these students who have the intent of entering the construction industry, as they truly were the best and brightest young construction workers ready to enter the workforce.

A career in the skilled trades such as HVAC and welding can pay just as well and be just as rewarding as a career following four years of college. And through apprenticeship programs that are easy to qualify for and put students alongside experienced tradespeople, students will be well on the path to a well-paying career. While a shortage of workers is pushing wages higher in the skilled trades, student loan debt and the time it takes to receive a “four-year” degree are making traditional university education less desirable.

For more information on apply for an apprenticeship, visit our industry affiliated union websites, linked below:

Other organizations that supported the Grade13 event included SkillsUSA Washington and School Built Sheds.


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