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Leadership Updates at Alliant Systems

Meet our executive leadership, Josh Rozell and Sean Fogli.

Leadership Transition

Alliant Systems announced a long-planned leadership transition at the Oregon-based engineering, plumbing and HVAC services company. Josh Rozell has been named as the company's next President and Sean Fogli has been promoted to Executive Vice President.

Josh Rozell

Josh began his career with Alliant Systems nearly 23 years ago, and during that time he has touched almost every aspect of the business. His first role at the company involved working in the warehouse at the age of 14. Since then, he has served the company as a maintenance sales rep, purchasing assistant, estimator, project manager and director of business operations. As the President of Alliant Systems, he is responsible for the overall management of operations and personnel, development and communication of the company vision, and will provide guidance and support to departmental leadership.

Josh Rozell, 37, represents the second generation of family leadership at the 21-year-old organization. He succeeds his father, John Rozell, 67, the company's President since 2001. John will continue as managing partner of the LLC.

Sean Fogli

Sean moved to Oregon at 19 years old to start working in the trades and the foundation of his career began at Alliant as an apprentice with Local 290, closely followed by a large ground-up construction project in Hillsboro. Over the last 15 years, Sean has made an impact within Alliant's Service department in terms of aligning strategy with the service levels offered to our customers, resulting in significant growth and better long-term outlook for the Service group. As Executive Vice President, Sean will continue to oversee strategy development and direction for all facets of the Service group, including relationship management and community outreach activities.

Visit our contact page to learn more about Josh and Sean, and all of Alliant Systems' leadership team.


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