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University of Oregon
Allen Hall Data Center

Eugene, Oregon

Located in the basement of Allen Hall at the University of Oregon, the Allen Hall Data Center provides a secure, temperature-controlled home for the campus servers. The Tier II+ (N+1) data center provides up to 900 KW of power to the university departments, and Alliant Systems installed the water-chilled cooling system. Chilled water from the University of Oregon's central chiller plant was piped beneath a raised floor in Allen Hall's new data center to cool high-density racks able to safely receive up to 30 kilowatts of power without overheating. Lower-density racks use the same water system via in-row coolers.

The project consists of approximately 900 kilowatts of electrical load with two separate, redundant Uninterruptable Power Supply systems (UPS A and UPS B). 75% of the cabinets are equipped with medium density cabinets at 10 kilowatts per cabinet and 25% of the cabinets are high-density cabinets capable of 30 kilowatts each.

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