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Willamette Water Supply Treatment Plant

Sherwood, Oregon

Willamette Water Supply Program is building a 30-mile pipeline from an intake facility along the Willamette River in Wilsonville, a project that will be able to provide up to 60 million gallons of water each day but could provide as much as 120 million gallons of water each day to Portland area residents. Water from the pipeline will then be sent to the state-of-the-art treatment plant in Sherwood before being sent to Hillsboro residents as well as customers in the Tualatin Valley Water District and Beaverton. Alliant Systems is currently working on the treatment plant, planning to execute advanced hydronic HVAC systems with integrated DDC controls that will utilize river water for heat rejection. Multiple material types will be used for piping and sheet metal due to the special environments they are in. Plumbing systems involve domestic as well as process non-potable water piping. Alliant will be utilizing Lean practices to stay organized as we work across multiple buildings on this campus.

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